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My story
I grew up in a small town and dreamed of seeing the world, however, I lacked the resources to do so. Through hard work and perseverence, I was able to win over $100k in scholarships and grants which allowed me to study in Spain, China and the USA, without any costs. I built StudyFree to help students around the world make their dreams to study abroad come true, no matter what their financial situation.

StudyFree combines our years of experience with our cutting edge technology. We make the process of college admissions abroad easy, transparent and accessible to anyone! This is in sharp contrast with expensive and slow agencies and consultants. International education is a powerful tool that breaks down all barriers to personal growth and development. Sign up for free and let StudyFree become your key assistant in the admissions process.
Dasha Kroshkina
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Can I apply to study abroad if I'm not a student anymore?
Yes! There are plenty of educational programs that do not pose age limits. Besides, immigration via education is one of the most productive moving options, especially for adults. You can learn more about such programs here.
My IELTS score is not very high, do I still have a chance?
Yes, you do! You can be a good scholarship candidate with a IELTS score of 5.5 and higher. Learn more in this article
I have a low GPA, do I still have a chance?
Yes, yes, yes! Besides classic educational programs with Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, and PhD diplomas (which do require a minimum GPA), there are many alternative education formats, where your grades will not matter at all.
What countries are the easiest to apply to?
Germany, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and China. You will find more than 94,000 programs with scholarships and grants, including these hosted by the countries above, on the StudyFree platform!
When should I start my preparations?
The most truthful answer is that you should have started preparing yesterday. Think about it - 70% of scholarship deadlines are in October and November the year before application season even begins! And you should have everything ready by that moment. So, ideally, you should start preparing about a year in advance before the applications are filed.
Do you guarantee a scholarship?
No company can give you a 100% scholarship guarantee, because a scholarship depends on your background and portfolio, which we cannot really change.
However, we will do everything possible to make sure your scholarship prospects are as high as they can be! We will help you to maximize your free admission chances, but, in the end, everything depends on you.
Where can I find scholarships?
Our online platform hosts more than 94,000 programs with scholarships all over the world. You can find a program here.
Do you offer free education?
We do not award scholarships and grants, but we can help you win them!

You can find an educational program abroad with a scholarship on the StudyFree platform:...

All necessary information on the program, scholarship, deadlines, as well as document examples and video instructions are available on the platform. Register here.
How can I get the scholarship?
First, you need to sign up on the Platform and find the program with scholarships and grants at the StudyFree platform using filters. Then click "Apply" and get all the materials, video instructions and document samples for applying to this program. We can help you to proofread your motivation letters, recommendation letters and CV. Our mentors will lead you through the whole process.
How will I know you are legit?
More than 40,000 students from all over the world are using our platform already! You can see the real feedback, video reviews, and acceptance letters here.

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