The Coronavirus and enrollment abroad
How does the coronavirus affect enrollment abroad? Should you cancel moving? And what should those who planned to enroll and study in 2020 and 2021 do? You will learn about this in the following article.
Dasha Kroshkina
СEO & Founder StudyFree
News that this virus temporarily practically closed China, covered Europe, reached 93 countries and stopped flights from America and Europe, flashed in the headlines of the media for almost a few weeks. The magic pill is still not found, WHO has already declared a pandemic, and what to expect next is unclear.

Of course, all this is frightening or at least causes alertness. Especially if your plans included moving and studying abroad. Therefore, we would like to give a few facts about the current state of affairs and describe a possible plan of action.
it is not the first pandemic in the world, nor even in the past 20 years. Let's remember at least avian influenza and swine flu and the Ebola virus. The peak state when all media are talking about it and take decisive measures to stop the incident, as a rule, lasts for no more than 2-3 months.

Even the peak of the most deadly virus in the history of mankind - Spaniards lasted about 2 months, then the virus began to retreat. It is necessary to take into account that it was a little over a hundred years ago, when the level of medicine, preventive measures and awareness of people left much to be desired.
States are now adopting very tough and proactive measures to stop the pandemic.
Regarding the good news:
in Wuhan, the place where the mass epidemic began, all patients had been discharged from temporary hospitals. Exactly 2 months later:)
What should those who plan to start studying abroad in September 2020 do:
The probability that the same strict measures will last until September is very small. We received direct information from universities in the USA, Europe and Asia:
even as a last resort, if the situation with the virus does not change, education will continue, but online. Scholarships and grants will not go anywhere.
What's happening now:
- universities are closed for quarantine, exchange programs are suspended
- all these are the maximum measures that are applied at the moment to stop the spread of the virus.

In September, the picture of events should change.
If you want to enroll a year later,
the situation can only play into your hands. Calmly continue preparing, and if you have not yet started, then get to it quick.

In fear and general panic, many applicants may refuse to enrol at foreign universities, which will cause a decrease in competition among applicants.
Universities will find themselves in a position where it is necessary to attract students, so the number of scholarships can increase. All these events will significantly increase your chances of receiving a high-quality education abroad.
Do not succumb to panic, and work ahead of the curve. While the situation remains uncertain and many do not understand what to do, use your potential correctly!

If you need help with a plan of action in your particular case, we are always ready to advise and support you through our free consultations:)

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