Volunteering: what kinds are there, how do they affect the odds and admission
Everything from A to Z about volunteer programs! What are they like? How to use them to significantly improve your odds? How to participate and where to find programs? How to choose the best volunteer program? And a lot more...
Ekaterina Evdokimova
Thousands of volunteers around the world help in organizing events, protecting the environment, providing psychological support to victims of natural and military disasters, participate in the restoration of architectural buildings and monuments and generally do a lot of useful work for free. Why is that great? This will be discussed in the article.

Volunteering can be of different types, anyone can choose to do their liking and in any field where they want to help. In addition, this experience is highly appreciated when enrolling in a university abroad. So that you do not search all over the Internet what volunteer programs there are, we have compiled a basic list of them and ranked them according to the value of mentioning them in your CV right in this article:)
    What types of volunteer programs are there?

    Social assistance
    The first thing that comes to mind when the word "volunteering" is said is social assistance. This is the most common volunteer program. Millions of people from all over the world need help and support. There are many volunteer organizations that provide food to the poor, provide psychological support to veterans, children with disabilities and orphans. If you care and are ready to help people in need - this program is for you!
    Environmental Protection
    Assistance in environmental protection is also provided by volunteers. Participation in this program will greatly increase your chances of enrolling in a foreign university. There are a lot of such programs abroad and they are appreciated. Kids protect the environment from human intervention, care for animals and plants, clean hundreds of square kilometers of garbage. Do you love nature and care about ecology? There is always the right volunteer program.
    Public security
    Public security volunteers can provide first aid, participate in humanitarian assistance and, in the case of emergency situations, they can evacuate people. It helps in saving mankind from natural disasters and cataclysms.

    The work is very responsible - you will know and be able to coordinate people in the event of an emergency, quickly and correctly help the victims. This is one of the most important volunteering areas, which will greatly increase your chances of admission and distinguish you among other candidates.
    Sport volunteers
    Sports volunteering. Did you know that famous sports events also often attract volunteers? If you like to be in the center of events, take part directly in the process of preparation and holding of the event - feel free to register! After all, it is always interesting to be not merely a spectator, but also an organizer of a world event.
    Cultural volunteering
    If you do not like sports events and you like art more, then join cultural volunteering. Volunteers are needed at exhibitions, art spaces, filmings and other cultural events.
    And now the main question - why is it necessary and how to take part in volunteer programs?

    First of all,
    helping is cool! Every volunteer makes this world a little better and gives their love to people free of charge. So if you want to help others but you don't know how, sign up for a volunteer organization.
    you become more open to the world and expand your horizons; you can travel to different countries, meet new people, learn other cultures, learn the language in an English-speaking environment and all this is FREE or for a small fee.
    if you decide to go to university abroad, you automatically INCREASE the chances of admission. Foreign universities love active kids who are always ready to help. This rule especially applies if you plan to enroll in the same country in which you have already volunteered.

    How to become a volunteer?
    Requirements for participation in the volunteer program are minimal. You must be over 14 years old and speak at a B1 level. If this is about you, go to the websites of the largest volunteer organizations «Сфера» и «AIESEC», where you can learn more about volunteering and stories of the guys who have already participated in the programs.
    Where can I find volunteer programs?
    On our platform you will find current programs in different countries of Europe, Asia and North America. We constantly update information about the deadlines for document submission, requirements and conditions of volunteer programs and constantly add new ones, so you will find exactly what you like. It is not necessary to go alone - call your friends and spend an unforgettable time in another country!
    How to use participation in a volunteer program when enrolling in a university abroad?
    We are ready to help you with this! Find out your chances of enrolling abroad now by clicking the link. We will give personal recommendations to improve the odds, tell you which volunteer programs to participate in and how to find them.
    How to choose the best volunteer program among such a huge list?
    We understand that there are a lot of programs and the experience of participating in certain programs will not always increase the chances of admission. That is why we help with the selection of volunteer programs with grants, write motivation and recommendation letters, collect a complete and correct package of documents and accompany you throughout the process!
    Need help?
    Book the "Selection of volunteer programs" package via the button below to not miss out on a unique chance to become part of the volunteer community around the world, gain invaluable experience and of course be UNIQUE in admission to a higher education institution abroad.

    The work is very responsible - you will know and be able to coordinate people in the event of an emergency, quickly and correctly help the victims. This is one of the most important volunteer areas, which will greatly increase your chances of admission and distinguish you among other candidates.
    And if you do not have the opportunity to escape and participate in volunteering personally, you can always participate in such a project online!

    Yes, you heard us right, it can be done online - with our friends iDialogue. And you will also receive a certificate of passage, which can be attached to your resume.
    We hope you will take advantage of our advice, increase your chances with the help of volunteering and enrol in the university of your dreams! Good luck!

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