How to write a letter of recommendation
We reveal 9 secrets of writing a letter of recommendation, which will present you as the best candidate and preserve the reputation of the teacher!
Dasha Kroshkina
SEO & Founder StudyFree
Considering the documents for submission to a foreign university, you have repeatedly encountered the letter of recommendation in the requirements.

Theoretically, the letter of recommendation should be written by the person who signs it, but very often this work is left to the student.

Today we will tell you how to write a letter of recommendation, presenting your candidacy in a favourable light and preserving the reputation of your teacher.
1. What should the letter of recommendation be like?

As a rule, for admission you need 2 letters of recommendation in one page of printed text, in which the advisor briefly reveals your strengths, learning/work experience and sometimes proves why it is you who deserves to go to that university.

Important: the recommendation should be written in English.

Content of the letter of recommendation
Does the content of the recommendation depend on the university and the degree to which I apply?
Of course! Directly!
Usually for a bachelor's degree one letter should be of academic character, and the second - personal (from your coach, tutor, etc.)
Master's degree
One letter of recommendation for a master's degree should be academic (from your teacher, dean), and the second - of a professional nature (from the employer)
For PhD, most likely, letters of recommendation should be of academic nature only
MBA requires letters disclosing professional experience
Before you start working on the content of the letter, read the introductory requirements carefully and prepare recommendation letters in the in accordance with them. Be sure to watch the video instructions with examples on our platform. You will prevent yourself from making errors and significantly improve your recommendation letter.
2. Take a responsible approach to the choice of person who will be able to write a letter of recommendation

You should choose a person who knows you well both as a student and as a person, who is ready to help you.

Some top business schools send a form to your e-mail address, in which information about you is filled in personally. That is why it is very important that your referee is ready to put in the time and present you as an ambitious and worthy candidate.

For example, a supervisor who has gone through publications with you, course works and your degree, will be able to write more brightly and deeply about your strengths than the dean who has only heard of you a couple of times.
How to get a recommendation from top professors from the best universities in England and the USA?
Another way to get a recommendation from top professors is to take part in the Tuding programme. This is a platform-educational course. Under the guidance of top professors from the best universities in England and the United States, you will be able to develop a research project.

As a result of this educational course, you will receive a certificate that can be attached to your portfolio, as well as a recommendation from competent teachers from England or the USA.

In our opinion, this is a unique opportunity not only to try something new, but also to interact with influential teachers who can then help when enrolling.

Specially for our students there is a 10% discount on the services of the platform
3. Start with a little background

In the beginning of the recommendation letter, show where the referee got to know you. Maybe you worked on joint projects. Maybe he acted as your supervisor. The more personal things you can tell, the more interesting your recommendation will be.

Examples of successful letters of recommendation can be found via the link.

4. Avoid dry facts and figures

The best impression on the admissions committee will be made by a letter in which the life of the student is described in an original language. Participation in events, conferences, volunteer programs is something that will help present you as a responsible and motivated student. A personalized approach will show why you deserve education at the chosen school.
5. Letters of academic nature

An academic recommendation is standard. Such a letter can be written behalf a school teacher, university lecturer, your supervisor or dean.

In the letter of recommendation you should write about your academic performance, abilities that helped achieve good results: perseverance, responsibility, interest, analytical data

6. Personal/Professional Letters

Do not be limited to teachers. A letter of recommendation can be written by your employer, the curator of a volunteer program in which you participated, the coach of your team.

In this letter, you can show other strengths that are not directly relevant to learning. You can highlight communication skills, creativity, creative thinking or endurance. It's up to you!

A detailed video instruction on how to write a letter of recommendation is available on our platform with complete access!
7. Do not forget to specify contact information

The Admissions Committee may contact your referee if there are any questions, so be sure to specify your working e-mail. You can find these and other important tips when designing and writing a letter of recommendation at this link.

not personal e-mail, the admissions committee should be sure that the person works in this organization!
These and other important tips when designing and writing a letter of recommendation can be found at this link.
8. Legalize

A letter of recommendation is an official document, so it is very important that it is not only signed by the referee, but also sealed.

You can write a recommendation on the official letterhead of the organization — it is even welcome!

Afraid to do something wrong? See how this is done correctly in sample letters. All of them are with complete access on our platform.

9. Recheck

Do not forget that you wrote a letter behalf your referee, which means that there are no errors.

In order not to humiliate yourself and preserve the reputation of your mentor, we recommend using Grammarly. The platform will scan your text and check for grammatical, spelling, punctuation, verbal and stylistic errors.

And specially for our students, there is a discount on various service packages. Follow the link and check your literacy!
Need help?
If you do not understand how to write a letter of recommendation, then we can do this for you completely For this, book the "Writing a letter of recommendation" package by clicking the button below!
Are you sure you won't make a mistake?
If you are ready to start writing on your own, we recommend to book the "Verification of recommendation letter" package We will check, correct and perfect your letter of recommendation!
More information and advice on writing recommendation letters can be found on our platform. Successful letters of recommendation of our students, detailed video reviews will help write a worthy letter of recommendation and win the heart of the admissions board!
Good luck enrolling and seeking competent advisors!

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