Who needs GMAT/ GRE and how to prepare for it
What are GMAT and GRE? What are the differences? Who needs to pass them? In the article we answer all questions and give 6 tips on how to successfully prepare for and pass exams!
Ekaterina Evdokimova
StudyFree Manager
When you first started thinking about education abroad and read your first articles on the Internet on this topic, remember how you went dizzy with this flow of information?

And the further you go, the more confused you get. Motivation and recommendation letters, grants and scholarships and these terrifying acronyms - IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE...
What are GMAT and GRE?
You probably know about IELTS and TOEFL - these are international certificates confirming your knowledge of English.

When choosing a Master's degree, you can also encounter GMAT and GRE - these are international exams in English, which test your mathematical and analytical skills and, of course, your knowledge of the language itself.
Important notice!!

If you:

1) Chose a university in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia

2) Want to study in a technical speciality or in a business school program in business, finance, management, MBA

Be sure to check on the university's website whether you are required to take GMAT or GRE as entry exams.

In some universities, having one of these certificates is the main requirement for admission.
1. GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)
A computer test, which tests knowledge in mathematics, analytical skills and degree of English proficiency.

Suitable for business, management, MBA and finance programs. During the test, the complexity of the exam varies depending on the correctness of each answer. In addition to mathematics and logic, knowledge of grammar is assessed through a test and writing of an essay.

The exam consists of 4 parts: The verbal part and Quantitative part rank from 200 to 800 points, Integrated Reasoning is considered separately - 1-8 points and the Analytical Writing Assessment, which includes 1 essay: from 1 to 6 points.

On average, you need to score 600+ points to enroll at university.

The cost of taking the exam: $250

2. GRE (Graduate Record Exam)
Computer or written test (optional), which tests analytical and mathematical skills and English. Unlike GMAT, in addition to business schools, it is also used for admission to technical and natural sciences specialities. Suitable for both master's and doctoral programs.

Imn terms of complexity this exam is easier for humanitarians - the level of mathematics corresponds to that of the school curriculum, but language skills here are more deeply assessed, the vocabulary goes beyond daily used words.

The GRE score is calculated for three parts of the exam - both sections of Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning can get 130-170 points (160+ is considered a good result), in the Analytical Writing section the evaluation scale is from 0 to 6 points (it is desirable to achieve 4+ for admission to university). On the exam you are required to write 2 essays.

The cost of taking the exam: $195
Want to pass GMAT/ GRE with the highest score? Here are some useful tips for self-preparation for the exams:
Tip #1

Start preparing 3-4 months before the exam, provided that your English level is "Upper-Intermediate" and higher.

Tip #2

Decide how many points you need to score in order to enter the university and pass a few mock tests on the Internet to find out what your current level is. This way you will understand what it is worth to focus on and how much time to allocate for preparation.

Here we would advise a platform for training and practice tests. We advise you to immediately supplement this with useful courses in order not to waste precious time. For example, our founder Dasha Kroshkina so prepared herself in just a month and scored over 700 at her first try. You can find all of this at this link

For our students and their friends we have agreed on a discount of 10% via the promotional code STUDYFREE
Tip №3

Enroll on a specific date for GMAT/ GRE

Believe me, the presence of a deadline will motivate you to quickly start preparing!

Tip №4

Try to allocate time for DAILY preparation for 15-30 minutes

The lessons will become a habit and step by step you will keep moving to a great result:) A GMAT preparation marathon from the best professionals will be of great help in this case MBA Strategy

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Tip №5

Choose the appropriate test

GMAT is more suitable for people with a mathematical mind, GRE - for humanitarians. When choosing an educational program at a university, be sure to verify which of these exams are required.

Tip #6

Practice with the right materials!

Most textbooks contain much simpler exercises than the tasks that you will encounter at the exam itself. Do not waste your time on substandard materials.

We have collected all the most relevant, verified and high-quality materials on our platform especially for you! The entire materials database is available in full access!
Remember: the earlier you start to prepare, the higher the chances to pass with the best score! You want to crack math problems like nuts, don't you? :)

Well, if passing these exams frightens you, you can always find programs that do not require them on our platform:)
We have specially collected as many such programs for those who have decided not to heroize on the battlegrounds of GMAT and GRE

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