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The most popular destination for studying abroad is the USA. American universities make it to the top world rankings, and the diplomas are valued just about everywhere. US universities offer excellent convenient campuses, technically equipped laboratories, and friendly professors. You do not necessarily need to choose megacities like New York or San Francisco. There are top universities in the USA with developed infrastructure and active student life in many other cities across the country.
Prestige and choice of programs
Education in the USA is considered advanced and prestigious — and this is not just at the Ivy Leagues. No other country in the world has such a variety of choices in terms of choosing a major. You can study artificial intelligence, green technologies, the basics of entrepreneurship or American literature — there is a specialty for every taste.
Features of education
Strong teachers and students. University professors in the USA conduct active research and have publications in prestigious journals. There are many practitioners among them who know the realities of the market. As it is not easy to enroll in these universities, the students who get admission in the top universities in the USA are smart and motivated. So, it is interesting to study with them.
Scholarships and work while studying
Studying in the USA is expensive, but students always have ways to save money. First, you can apply for a scholarship or get a grant to study. Secondly, you can combine training with work on campus. With a work visa, many opportunities open up: for example, many graduates seek to get a job at the tech giants in the Silicon Valley.
Advantages of student life
There are large modern college campuses at American universities, where everything is available: from classrooms with high-speed Internet to gyms and cozy cafes. Events are constantly held on campuses: masterclasses on resume compilation, film screenings or cultural festivals — every student in the USA has something to do in their spare time.
Travel around the country
It is interesting to travel in America. The states and cities across the country are very different, with their own history and traditions. You can relax on the beaches of Florida, tour the national parks with a tent, see the museums in New York or drive along one of the coasts by car.
Top 8 disciplines in the USA
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17 900+ programs
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12 700+ programs
Computer Science & IT
9 800+ programs
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University of San Francisco, USA
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• Sales & Marketing Internship
• Courses & Leadership Program
• Strong essay, SOP and Recommendation letters
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• Online networking with defined target audience
• Online volunteering program; Oxford Leadership program
$ 88,000
Berkeley College, USA
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