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Study abroad is a dream
Dream comes true here
Without financial stress
Online platform StudyFree to get first class education abroad with scholarships up to $100k

Education abroad is accessible for everyone!
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Why should you study abroad?
Become the one who can change the lives globally
Great career
Make yourself more employable with a diverse skillset and an international background
International environment
Travel around the world by immersing yourself in new cultures and languages
Flexible curriculum
Be in charge of your own education
for India
Financial assistance
Study for free by getting scholarships from different foreign universities
Great career
Make yourself more employable with a diverse skillset and an international background
International environment
Travel around the world by immersing yourself in new cultures and languages
Flexible curriculum
Be in charge of your own education
Your steps to the university of your dreams
1. Choose your program
  • Select university and major
  • Select scholarships and grants specific for candidate's profile
  • Create preparation plan
  • Create a plan to increase chances of enrollment
2. Take the tests
  • Language test
  • Additional tests
  • Portfolio preparation
3. Prepare the documents
  • Make check-lists
  • Gather all the documents (recommendation and motivation letters, transcripts translation, financial documents, StudyPlan and any other additional documents)
4. Submit documents for university programs and scholarships
  • Register on university platforms and submit the documents
  • Fill out scholarships application forms
  • Pay univeristy application fees
5. Receive an acceptance letter
How it works
Find out your chances and find a matching program among 7000+ programms with scholarships and grants at the best rate worth over $107 000
Prepare all the admission documents yourself or get help from one of the most experienced mentors from our team
Get excited that you've been admitted to study abroad
With StudyFree you can
Evaluate your admissions chances and receive recommendations on improving your admissions portfolio
Get access to a database of 7000+ programs with scholarship opportunities worth over $107 000
Get a step-by-step admissions plan with up-to-date deadlines
Get samples of all admission documents and video instructions on how to prepare them
Find a personal mentor to help you get it all done effortlessly
Explore all the necessary resources for admission and relocation: language learning, exams, volunteering

Rates and prices
Assessment of chances of enrollment with a scholarship
Individual profile upgrade plan
Complete access to programmes with scholarships (including volunteer programmes)
IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT preparation materials
Expert support: 24/7 answers to questions, document assessment
Find scholarships
Get full access
Personal mentor
Description of 7000+ program
St. Petersburg, 23 y.o.
Alena Yakunicheva
Thanks to StudyFree I got accepted to two universities and got 2 scholarships. At first, it was a very difficult process for me as I was looking to change my professional area. But then I got introduced to a very strong manager Oksana, who helped me with everything and was online 24/7 supporting me even when I was ready to give up.
Now it is MY turn to choose! Definitely not something I had expected. A huge heartfelt thank you to StudyFree team for such wonderful work!
Got offer:
from South Africa
I had a dream to go abroad to get good education and experience which would take me out of my comfort zone. My mentor from StudyFree helped me to win a scholarship to study a master's course in Computer Science and Technology in Beihang University in China. Here the course is taught in English which is perfect for me. What I study here is really useful, advanced and fulfilling. China is so technologically developed! I learn a lot here. When I am back to my country, I want to give back and share what I have learnt here. That's amazing.
Got offer:
Moscow, 21 y.o.
Daria Oskina
A heartfelt thank you to StudyFree team who've created such a convenient online platform where one can find everything for successful college admission! Together with my manager, using the available resources, we've put together my personal statements. Big thank you to Daria who created this platform and started the company! Finally, I received Shanghai Government Scholarship and got accepted to the university!
Got offer:
from India
I was very happy to find StudyFree platform. Back home we don't have much information about study abroad programs and it was so easy to find everything on StudyFree. I couldn't even imagine there were so many options for me! I could choose my program from the best schools. It was also easy to understand the application process with the short videos and the examples of letters and essays. Thank you StudyFree for giving me this chance! After I get my degree I plan to come home and start my own company.
Got offer:
Bangladesh, 23 y.o.
Shihab Uddin
It is still hard to believe that I'm studying at the university in Poland with a full scholarship! Thank you to StudyFree team for helping me choose the best university, for those sleepless nights with my documents, and for being with me during these difficult times, for your support and motivation!
Got offer:
from Kenia
Thanks to StudyFree I now have the opportunity to make my dream come true and get a Master's degree in International Relations in UK. The program at my home university is very rigid and strict. We have no choice of the courses we can take. Studying abroad will allow me to meet so many people from different countries and learn in a diverse community. With the scholarship I don't need to worry now and can get the experience I need to become the best in my field and in my country. I am very thankful to StudyFree for giving this opportunity to me and other students around the world. Your platform helps to save a lot of time and find everything in one place! Thank you so much! God Bless!
Got offer:
Moscow, 23 y.o.
Ekaterina Lelyakina
I'd like to thank the whole StudyFree team for the awesome platform they built that helped me to get 6 acceptance letters from Italian universities, 2 scholarships, and get nominated for another scholarship in France! Online platform, resources, consultations and much more - all of that is done with so much love and commitment and one can really feel it. Thank you for your work, professionalism, for believing in me and supporting all the way!
Got offer:
from India
Thank you, StudyFree! Before I didn't even know it was possible to study for free, me and my family could not afford to send me abroad, it's very expesive for us. It was also a surprise for me that it's possible to study in Europe in English. I got a scholarship to do a Master's degree in Finance and Economics in Germany. StudyFree helped me to prepare all the necessary documents and write a killing motivational letter. It is so great life experience and the facilities and level of living in Germany are so good! I started thinking in a different way, now I can solve problems in a different way, and it will definetely help me to improve my life in India when I am back. I always wanted to support my family, and now I can do it, I have already got several job offers in big international companies due to my education and experience I got abroad.
Got offer:
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Who we are
Some time ago I was just a little girl from a small town, who wished to see the world, but had no opportunities to do so. Yet later I won over $100 000 in scholarships and grants and studied absolutely free of charge in Spain, China, one of the top business schools in the USA (Stanford) and worked in an investment bank in Singapore. I created StudyFree to help students around the world to make their dream about studying abroad come true, no matter what their financial opportunities are.

Our platform is the combination of all our unique expertise and modern technologies, which makes the process of college admissions abroad easy, clear, and most importantly - accessible to anyone! Opposite of expensive and slow agencies and consultants. I sincerely trust that International education is a powerful tool that breaks all barriers to personal growth and development.
And we made it available to everyone!
Dasha Kroshkina
Online platform to get first class education abroad with scholarships
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